Trial Advocacy

litigationOur Mr Ian Procter is a Solicitor with Higher Rights of Audience, this means he has extra qualifications beyond that which Solicitors ordinarily obtain and is qualified to appear as a Barrister would in any Court in England and Wales. Mr Procter has experience in the higher Courts, including the High Court and the Court of Appeal and is a very accomplished and experienced advocate.

Because of this status we are able to offer a seamless service from initial advice to representing you at the final hearing however serious and in whichever Court or Tribunal that may be.

The benefits of which are often a saving as Solicitors without Higher Rights will have to involve a Barrister at some stage, often they do at an early stage and this involves incurring a Barrister’s fees and typically the Solicitor will need to instruct the Barrister which will take further time.

We can take your case all the way to Trial without having to communicate to a third party what the important issues are and without there being a risk that your Advocate at the final hearing may not fully appreciate or understand exactly what the case is about.


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